Saturday, July 26, 2008

Peter C. Costas
This blog will be devoted to the life and photography
of my grandfather Peter who passed away Wednesday evening
July 23, 2008.
The above photo is one I took and hand colored in 1986, in Washington D.C. on the steps of our gallery on M Street. He is pictured with some of his amazing hand made cameras of his own invention, including
the wonderful fisheye camera that took the pictures that
put him in the international spotlight in the late 50's and early 60's.
Peter will be buried at Washington National Cemetery
on Monday, July 29, 2008.
He is survived by his daughter Anita and son Tommy, 4 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.
I'll be adding more to the blog as I collect photographs and articles to post.

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Obsolete Pete said...

I am saddened to read of the death of my cousin Peter, whom I hardly knew and whom I would not have known at all, if not for the impertinence of a certain Penn Camera salesman who, in 1984, openly disbelieved that I, too, could be named Peter Costas. Some easy geneology revealed our common and close ancestry. Peter and I met that year, and then again at the opening of his show at the Walker, Ursitti, and McGuinniss gallery in about 1989, prior to the cultural exchange that brought my cousin's work to the USSR and Rodchenko's work to the US. Warmly, Peter gave me two signed original prints, and two signed posters, one announcing the Washington show, the other his show in Moscow. I cherish them to this day. Good bye, cousin.